Adrenaline Basketball Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Athletes

Adrenaline Basketball Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Athletes

Whether you are new to basketball and are trying to make the high school team or you are trying to make it at the next level our Basketball Strength and Conditioning program will help you achieve your goals.

At Adrenaline our philosophy is simple. A stronger, more powerful athlete is a superior athlete.


Increased Performance

Speed – Improve both linear and lateral speed. This will make you a better open court player, and allow more scoring opportunities for you and your teammates.

Agility – Efficiently change direction, learn proper technique for starting and stopping. Jumping and landing. The increased foot speed will make a you a better defender, and give you that edge when defending.

Power – Increase your vertical jump and learn how to generate power quickly.
 Your rebounding will also increase due to the gaining inches on your vertical! Go from lay ups, to dunks! The quickest leapers are often the best rebounders!

Strength – This is the foundation of any athlete training program. Improve functional strength relevant to basketball. Battling in the low post, trying to win a loose ball, rebounding within the key, absorbing contact when attacking the basket, and finishing with contact are all key parts to being a good basketball player - Basketball Strength matters!

Conditioning – Get in basketball shape. Your strength training is specific to basketball, so why shouldn't your conditioning program be. A Basketball game is different than any other sport; good players are constantly moving and need to be conditioned to do so.


Decreased Injuries

Basketball players have a very demanding and long season. Stay on the court and off the bench with proper restoration and recovery methods.

Recovery – Learn basic nutrition before/after and during practices and games to assist in recovery. An often forgotten aspect of high-level training, the proper refueling of your body can put your performance on another level. 

Restoration – Learn basic mobility exercises to help reduce injuries common to basketball players (ankles, knees, hips)



Special Introductory Team Rates Now Available

Team Training (In Season) – 75 minutes $100 + gst

There is nothing better than working out with teammates in an environment that fosters individual improvement as well as team bonding. Players get workouts and weight specific to their level within a team setting. Our goal is to build a solid athletic foundation through compound strength movements while focusing on technique and safety.

Preseason High Performance Basketball Training Program – 60 minutes

Our high Performance training program is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training and individualization to our athletes. Our 1:5 coach to athlete ratio provides the individual attention each athlete needs.

1x week for 6 weeks $145.74 + gst

2x week for 6 weeks $291.48 + gst

Registration Deadline: October 9

Starting: Monday October 12 – November 20