Fitness Classes

Intro to Strongman

Ever wanted to see what being a strongman/strongwoman is all about? Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning is now offering a beginner Strong(wo)man class! This class is offered to anybody (Yep, ANYBODY!) from beginners to intermediate lifters who want to explore the events,...
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Rush 45

45 minute RIDE  ADRENALINE RUSHRide the Rush...A place where you feel most alive when your heart skips a beatJudgement free zone. No mirrors, gauges or expectation to adhere to anything more than just doing what makes YOU feel good. We welcome all fitness levels with only...
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TRX Strength & Conditioning

30 minute class including upper, lower, core and total body conditioning using the TRX system. All fitness levels welcome. Fast, fun and effective, TRX bodyweight training builds muscle, burns fat, increases flexibility and improves endurance. Using your body as your machine, TRX...
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Bars & Bells

Bars and Bells  30-40 minute total body strength based workout with NO cardio. We use only barbells and dumbbells beginning with a compound lift and finishing off with accessory work.  *it is recommend that you have some previous level of experience with reistance training...
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30 minutes of non stop PUSH. Kid friendly conditioning focused class utilizing a variety of training tools including kettle bells, Trx, battling ropes, tires, prowlers, sleds, tires, and Body weight. Fitness made FUN. Ages: 8-13Boys and GirlsOpen to all fitness levels

Boxing Conditioning

This 45 minute class incorporates various elements of boxing techniques, as well as high-intensity strength and conditioning and core work, to give you a tough but fun and highly satisfying workout. Gloves are REQUIRED. (For first time attendies gloves can be provided to try out the...
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