We offer multiple membership options for you to choose from.  

Regular Membership:

Monthly Membership $71.43 (plus GST) 

6 Month membership $371.40 (plus GST) works out to $61.90/month


Membership with Class Options:

Option A: Monthly membership with unlimited classes $189.52 (plus GST) In addition to your monthly membership you can attend as many punchpass classes as you would like.  We currently offer over 40 classes each month.  

Option B: Monthly membership with 5 classes $142.86 (plus GST) In addition to your monthly membership you can attend 5 punch pass classes each month.  Classes can't be carried forward to the next month. 

Please note this does not include any Ladies Strength / Mens Strength Class Enrollments.


Membership with Program/Coaching:

Membership with program:  $166.67 (plus GST) In addition to your monthly membership you will receive a 4 week individualized program.  All new members will receive their first month at a special introductory price of $119.05 (plus GST)  Along with your membership you can choose either a strength training program OR an aesthetics programs.  Programs are built by trainers Jill Hanson and Derek Becker.

Membership with program and coaching support: $221.43 (plus GST)  Receive individulaized programming and coaching support along with your monthly membership. 



Daily dropin: $14.29 (plus GST)


All memberships include 24 hour access, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Use of all facility equipment both inside and out.   We do not have long term contracts and you can cancel your membership by providing 30 days written notice.