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Strongman training is about true functional strength.  It’s essentailly about lifting heavy, awkward objects and moving them them from point A to B, whether it’s from the ground to overhead or from a designated start to finish line.  Strongman is a weightlifting-based strength sport where the athletes compete in several events involving different aspects of mental and physical strength, speed and endurance.  There is a wide variety of possible event combinations which opens the sport up to all kinds of different athletes. With the recent addition of weight classes and woman’s divisions anyone and everyone can compete.  







Private Coaching

Interested in trying out Strongman exercises because of how awesome it looks? Or maybe you have heard of the functional carryover of Strongman training to the real world.  There’s a lot of skill involved in lifting heavy, awkward objects safely and efficiently.  One on one private coaching is the best way to learn proper technique, without worrying about looking like you are “doing it wrong” in front of your peers.  Let our experienced knowledgeable coaches help you whether you are a competitive Strongman needing some assistance with a specific movement or you are just wanting to add some Strongman movements to your current exercise routine. 

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Remote Coaching/Programming

Are you looking at taking your Strongman training to the next level?  Perhaps you are preparing to compete in your first competition and need some guidance with proper technique and strategy, maybe you need a program to follow to have you as prepared as possible for competition day.  

For the most part the focus of a good Strongman program are based on deadlifts and overhead press and being able to move well with weights.   However, unlike other strength sports such as Weightlifting and Powerlifting, every Strongman competition is different, making the next program and approach completely different than the last.  

Sign up for online coaching whether you are looking for your first contest win or you are chasing that next world championship.  


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