Athlete Training

The Adrenaline Difference:




  • Train to become a "complete athlete"

  • Training is both intense and purposeful

  • Facility layout designed with athletes in mind, with the best equipment in the industry.

  • Our athletes are like falmily to us.  When you walk in you are not just another number.  We get to know all our athletes on a personal level which is the key to our success.




We believe in building well rounded atletes through education, support and execution on proper training, nutrition and recovery strategies.






Training includes:


Comprehensive warmup: myofacial release (foam rolling), mobility and muscle activation exercises.


Speed/Power/Agility: Acceleraton, Deceleration, footspeed, linear/lateral movement. Jumping/landing technique, throwing, olympic lifting, plyometrics.


Strength Training: Upper and lower body exercises. and functional core training.


Conditioning: Energy System development specific to each sport and individual position.




Athlete Small group Training (3-5 athletes)  60 minute session = $32.38 plus GST




1. Competitive environment. You work harder next to someone you see as competition. Now imagine all of your training sessions supercharged by being surrounded by multiple athletes with similar goals and mindsets, each competing to outwork the other. That is an environment conducive to building serious strength and power!


2. Camaraderie. In the group training setting, you have a bunch of people supporting you, cheering you on and forcing you to be the best version of yourself.   




In the end, it's like this: If you want to become a better athlete, surround yourself with athletes who want what you want and are willing to work to get it—and get a great coach to lead you.






Contact us for our small group training options.




Athlete one on one Training  60 minute session = $64.76 plus GST