TestimonialsChristina Kaluza-Hughes

I was a dedicated athlete in High School, which landed me a Track and Field Scholarship to throw shot put to the US. I was fit and full of energy but then life happened (like with so many people in their late 20s to early 30s)….career, marriage, health concerns and three children took over my existence. I lost my sense of self and the importance of “filling my own cup first”.  Ten years and about 160 lb weight gain had taken a huge toll on my body, mind and soul. I wanted so desperately to return to physical activity but had no idea where to begin. I researched various gyms, and classes, and one caught my eye from the start…so I took the plunge, and registered for my first Ladies Strength Class at Adrenaline.  I walked in to the gym as one very middle aged, extremely over weight, out of shape women.  It took every ounce of courage in my soul to go that day, September 1st, 2015.  I was immediately greeted with energy, true joy and a smile from Derek as well as Jill (my instructor).  I will be honest and say the workout that first day was hard as hell, but the motivation and compassion I received from not only Jill but the ladies in the class working out beside me was more supportive than I could have ever imagined.  I worked my way through several Ladies Strength classes, having many conversations with Jill about speaking to Derek regarding Strongman training. 


I was quite clueless when it came to strongman events or training, but with nudges of encouragement from many fellow gym members, I reached out to Derek, registering for a beginners Strongman class.  Holy crap what an amazing sport.  Going in with very little experience in weight lifting or moving with weights, Derek was extremely knowledgeable, breaking movements and events down so that this beginner could figure it out.  I competed in my first Rookie show in June of 2017 at Adrenaline and have been hooked since.


I have had the pleasure of being an athlete, trained by Derek Becker, since 2016.  His knowledge, patience and catering to my individual needs as an “older” athlete is phenomenal.  He truly cares about his athletes to avoid injuries and develops personal programs that are unique to each and every athlete.  Programs are not “cookie cutter”, or the same… rather well developed and researched. Derek and his crew have created a culture of belonging, acceptance, respect and support. Because of his encouragement, I have competed in many local, national and international competitions as a Heavy Weight women as well as a Master’s women, bringing home some hardware in my competitions. On top of Strongman, Derek introduced me to the world of Grip Sports, where I compete as well. My greatest accomplishments are second place, Masters Division, at the 2019 Official Strongman Games in Dayton Beach Florida as well as having numerous national records in various grip events.  I am also proud to say that my 13 year old son has now began his Strongman journey with Derek…. registering for beginner strongman classes as well as competing in a kids/teens show. My other 2 sons attend classes including Junior SWASS. It’s a family affair at Adrenaline, and I am so proud of this.


Adrenaline is stacked with various machines for movements essential for strength building and health.  Derek is continually acquiring equipment to meet the needs of his members. The trainers in the gym are very approachable and kind. It is also an extremely clean, well maintained gym, with tons of space to move. 


I am so happy I took the plunge in 2015, to prioritize my physical and mental health.  I have shed over 130 lbs. since I began, making Adrenaline a major part of my life and health journey. I am a better person for my family, friends and in my profession. Thanks to Derek, Jill, Deanna and all the other members who make this gym extraordinary!







I saw Adrenaline when I was in the area one day, checked out the website & requested a consult. The owner (Derek) spent well over 30 minutes telling me about the gym and various training styles they offer as well as a few interesting tidbits about Kinesiology. He asked about me, my goals and my present routine (or in my case, lack thereof). I kept expecting him to tell me that I wasn't the best candidate or 'right fit' for his trainers for whatever self-defeatist reasons were rolling around in my mind. Instead he encouraged me to get exposure to the various styles of training so that I would find something that would work for me and more importantly inspire me to stick with it.
A stark contrast, a trainer at the gym where I was a paying member, provided me a 3 minute consult which included the price of personal training and a basic definition of what it entailed. This was evidently her job, but certainly not her passion. Not the case with the Adrenaline team.
I was setup with Kayla - and haven't looked back. This trainer (about 5 feet of lightening)pushes me to new limits with each session. It's been 11 weeks and I'm experiencing health benefits, the most notable of which is a reduction in chronic pain and nerve involvement from past mva. More importantly, I really want to keep coming back. This inspiration is big value added!
You will feel welcome and that you have worth when you put yourself in these people's hands. Best decision I've made in a long time.





TestimonialsKaitlyn McDade
Adrenaline is home. It's a gym that's way more than just a gym, but a place that allows me to focus, clear my mind, and push myself past what I thought I was capable of. It's a supportive environment with all different levels of individuals in their journey to their fitness goals keeping everyone accountable. After approximately a year of going to Adrenaline, I have conquered initial goals, and set ones beyond what I thought was possible. My current training goal is SABBA Halloween Showdown October 2017.
If you're intimidated by gyms, Adrenaline will change your perspective. It is such an encouraging environment, where everybody training is there to work, and become better versions of themselves. There are so many different programs available that it's impossible to feel uncomfortable or intimidated.
I have achieved nothing but greatness at Adrenaline.





TestimonialsDebra Hansen

Two years ago some guy, I did not even know, at the buffet after the RPS half Marathon told me that as I got older I would slow down and not to expect any better performance than what I had now no matter what I did. Even though deep down I thought he was probably right, I just laughed and said NO WAY the older I get the faster I get.
I had started personal training sessions at Adrenaline a few months before this. My goal was just to be stronger so I could be more independent, go on more adventurous holidays and of course to look more toned.
Well I am much stronger than I have ever been. I have never had so many people tell me how good and how strong I look. At my age I didn’t expect those types’ compliments like that anymore.
In 2010 I ran the QCM Half Marathon at 1:49:44
-6th in my age group, 46th woman and 177overall finisher

This year 2011 I had a Personal Best at the QCM Half Marathon
-3rd in my age group, 15th Woman and 87 overall finisher
How’s that Buffet Guy?
Thanks for the eye catching muscle and the amazing improvement in my running!!

Deb Hansen


TestimonialsJames Hill
My name is James Hill, and I’ve been training at Adrenaline for about a year and a half now. I’m an 18 year old university student, and I started training at Adrenaline in my senior year of high school because I was heavily involved in rugby and wrestling and wanted to put some muscle on. I began training in a group of rugby players under one of the strength coaches at Adrenaline, Derek Becker. It was easy to see that Derek (and all of the staff at Adrenaline) have years of experience under their belt, and my workouts were quickly personalized to my own strengths and weaknesses. My starting weight at Adrenaline was 162 lbs, and within the first 4 months with Derek I had hit my goal of 180 lbs. My high school rugby days were over, and Derek introduced me to the sport of strongman, which would soon become my new obsession. In the months leading from then to now, I have put another 30 lbs on, with the help of Derek’s gruelling workouts and expert nutrition advice. Currently weighing 210 lbs, I am now one of the many strongman athletes that train and compete at Adrenaline. The group of guys that I train with, and the attention-to-detail approach that my strength coach takes to my training has allowed me to put some major weight on many of my lifts, including hitting a PR of 500 lbs on my deadlift (about 200 lbs added over 1.5 years). Training at Adrenaline is a life-changing experience, and over the short period I’ve been at this gym, the people there have quickly become family. If you want to make a change in your life or in your training, Derek and all of the great people at Adrenaline can help take you there (for the low price of a little blood, sweat, and determination).
TestimonialsBill Brown
My name is Bill Brown and I started my journey at Adrenaline right after the New Year. In 2014 I made the decision to get stronger and break through a sticking point in my training.Being a former high school and collegiate athlete I was keen to regain some of my past form and Adrenaline training centre seemed like the best opportunity to do that.
I have lifted weights since I was a teenager and I feel I have done every training protocol from Bodybuilding to Powerlifting to Olympic lifting and even Kettlebell training. But nothing prepared me for my first day of Strongman group training.
After my first week I wondered if I was cut out for this type of training, but I decided to keep going and trust my coach Derek Becker and his program.
Within a few weeks I was executing lifts I had only seen on television. Atlas Stones, Log Press, frame carry, yoke, heavy implements, tire flipping. I could go on but I soon found myself enjoying the training and feeling stronger.
As the training progressed under Derek the results soon followed. In six months I gained almost 10 lbs, set a personal record in two lifts and was able to go up in weight on almost every strongman object and implement.
I forgot to mention that Derek was able to get these results on an “athlete” who just turned 40.
If you have made a decision to change your appearance, lose weight or get STRONGER I must recommend Adrenaline training to anyone in Regina. A friendly environment coupled with superior coaching can only lead to the results you want, and in my case, much more.
TestimonialsJess Theaker
This place is so much More than a gym to me. It's my second home.  It's where my family is.  I feel very lucky that I get to work with the most knowledgable and supportive strongman coach in Derek, who has helped me reach goals I didn't even know I had the potential for in the first place and become one of my best friends in the process.  I couldn't ask for a more supportive group of teammates and friends. It's hard to not smile just walking through the door because of the positive energy inside.
Just walk through the door. You'll be able to tell how amazing this place is.  The camaraderi, support, and positivity are so contagious, no matter what your goals are there is something for everyone.  It's hard to describe how amazing this place is so come see it for yourself.
TestimonialsJaimie Polsom
I was looking for a personal trainer to coach me and help me get into shape.  Adrenaline somewhat fell into my lap with a suggestion from my boyfriend when I was looking for a gym.  The scariest thing ever is joining a gym or being with a trainer. The trainers make you feel completely comfortable whether you are doing a group training session, individual training or just getting a membership.  You can always ask anyone a question and they are happy to help, if they work there or not.  The members, as well as the trainers, make going to the gym fun and help you set yourself up for success. 
 TestimonialsBrandon Buttazoni
Adrenaline has been the perfect facility to train for strength and conditioning.  It has allowed me to excel and compete at the highest level of sport in Canada.  Adrenaline has helped me prepare for basketball by building overall strength and enabling me to be agile and in peak high performance shape.  I have been able to get stronger and in better shape each season and would recommend them to any athelete looking for high performance training or anyone looking to increase thier overall strength and conditioning.