Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning In Regina



Adrenaline offers something for everybody.  We welcome Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Strongman, Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifters, weekend warriors and everything else in between.  At Adrenaline, you won't find rows of bulky high tech machines and treadmills - You'll find strength and conditioning equipment of uncomprimising quality.  We've carefully selected equipment to maximize versatility and provide an open, uncluttered floor plan that includes spacious room for your training.  We also have a recovery room complete with an inversion table and a variety of different mobility tools designed to help you recover faster so you can train harder.   Adrenaline was designed with your success in mind.  


Our 12,500 sq ft facility Includes: 

-dumbbells from 5 to 120lbs

-cardio equipment including 1 stepper, and 1 climbmill

-conditioning equipment including: 4 concept rowers, 1 ski erg, 2 airdyne bikes, 1 spin bike, 1 concept bike erg

-1000 sq ft of artificial turf

-private outdoor training compound

-extreme monkey Crossfit rig complete with 6 squat racks

-4 Elitefts squat racks

-4 deadlift platforms with band attachments

-2 olympic weightlifting platforms

-1 Elitefts monolift

-2 Elitefts competition bench presses

-1 incline bench press

-1 5 station cable machine

- Elitefts belt squat

- Rogue reverse hyper

- Legend Strength unilateral leg press

- Elitefts GHR

- Elitefts back extension

- Elitefts chest supported row

- Elitefts Iso row machine

-leg extension/hamstring curl machine

-Specialty Bars 

-strongman equipment including: 5 Strongman logs, 2 loadable circus dumbbells, 3 rogue replica circus dumbells, 3 Axle Bars, yoke, frame, 2 farmer walk impliments, husafell Stone, tires 200 -850 lbs, stones 115 lbs - 340 lbs, kegs 60 - 280lbs, sandbags 20 - 350lbs, car deadlift apparatus, arm over arm truck pull platform, 2 throwing sandbags



WE ARE OPEN 24/7/365!