Online Coaching

Too far away to come in for training sessions? Adrenaline also provides online coaching, tailored to your strength and conditioning goals and the equipment you have available.  These are not cookie cutter workout of the days.  These are individualized training programs with longterm development in mind.  Regardless if you are an athlete training for an upcoming competition or a lifestyle client looking for 24/7 support, I will make sure you reach your full potential by conducting regular one-on-one check ins via whats app, or zoom to communicate and discuss direction, plans, and the next training block.  Each week you provide me training videos, comments and/or questions.  I'll review them provide feedback and make necessary adjustments to next weeks program.


I work with people with various goals and fitness levels.  From beginners who are just starting out and are new to resistance training to intermediate trainees who are looking to break through that performance plateau, all the way to advanced athletes who require advanced training programs.







  • 4 week custom strength & conditioning program

  • Technique analysis or your training

  • Regular check-ins and updates

  • Weekly programming modifications based on needs.

  • competition support and guidance for athletes






Please Note:  Nutrition and or supplementation advice is not offered with this service.




$199 for 4 weeks 















"Over the last number of years, I have let by body slip with all the things that contribute to weight gain. There could be a host of reasons why: it is too far to the gym, I am embarrassed about my condition, I might know someone there, it is too expensive, I don’t have time, I am an introvert, I live in rural Saskatchewan, etc. I was mainly two of those reasons. I have never weight trained and at first did not even know the acronyms for the procedures Derek was telling me. But, Derek took the time to show me and get me started and that was about 40 days ago. I saw a Nutritionist, and I am weight training at home (110 miles for Regina), and sending videos of exercises he wants to see me doing and recording my progress. In 40 days, I have noticed a big difference. Thanks Derek for taking the time to invest in me to help me achieve a better and happier lifestyle."    D








"Hiring Derek as a coach was the best decision I ever made!  The online coaching has been great. Derek designs the programming around the equipment I have available,  which can change week to week.  The video feedback from has been helped me fix a lot of issues I previously had.  My strength and technique have improved greatly thanks to him!"  Will Prevost