Intro to Strongman

Ever wanted to see what being a strongman/strongwoman is all about? Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning is now offering a beginner Strong(wo)man class! This class is offered to anybody (Yep, ANYBODY!) from beginners to intermediate lifters who want to explore the events, techniques and movements in the sport of Strongman. Come join us to learn how to lift Atlas Stones, carry a yoke, log press, clean and press a keg, pull a truck, and so many more other strong(wo)man movements, while developing strength, power and speed!




This class is not just focused on improving technique. You will follow a 6 week progressive program with supervised coaching guaranteed to not only improve technical proficiency in all strongman movements but to increase your 1RM as well. The final day will include testing so you can see for yourself your progress.




Limited to 8 people max


Cost is $240 (plus GST) for 12 classes and program.




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