Fitness Classes

Beginner Strong(wo)man

Ever wanted to see what being a strongman/strongwoman is all about? Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning is now offering a beginner Strong(wo)man class!  This class is offered to anybody (Yep, ANYBODY!) form beginners to experienced lifters who want to explore the events,...
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Personal Training

While most of the training at Adrenaline takes place in small groups (3-5) and/or classes (6-10) we also offer private training sessions for those individuals who request/require one on one coaching, or experience "gymtimidation" Train by yourself, or with a partner of your...
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Adrenaline Ladies Strength Class (8 weeks)

Why We Lift:There is an emotional sense of satisfaction associated with lifting weights. What could possibly more confidence building than direct undeniable proof that you are in control of becoming a better human being. We don't train for numbers. We don't measure our worth by the...
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