Kettlebell Sport Workshop

Kettlebell Sport Workshop


This is a workshop that will take participants from the very basics of handling kettlebells (safely!) all the way through to the Kettlebell Sport lifts: The kettlebell Snatch, the Kettlebell Jerk, and the Long Cycle.

Kettlebell Sport is a fast growing, competitive practice. Each lift is to be performed for 10 minutes straight, without putting the bells down! This makes for a very gruelling event that requires endurance, strength, agility, grit, mobility, etc. The more the better!

Kettlebell sport is also a unique type of training since it requires what is termed as “strength endurance”. It is not pure endurance because it also needs strength and mobility to be able to accomplish the lifts. You are not just moving your body for those 10 minutes, you’re moving additional weights along with it!

Kettlebell Sport practice is for all Peoplekind, not just for competitive athletes, though. Learning and practicing the sport lifts can be fun and useful as a stand alone workout. Also, the lifts can be used to augment nearly any other type of training since KB Sport lifting helps develop all of the various capacities mentioned above — strength - agility - mobility - concentration. Beware, though: it can be addictive. Also, beware: there’s a learning curve. You might even be introduced to the true beauty of suffering.

Enjoy! And hope to see you at the workshop!



Instructor: Juan Martinez

Prices:  $49.00  ($35.00 for Adrenaline members)

Date: August 22 6:00 - 8:00 pm