Punch Pass Classes


The NOONER with Kyra   What is The Nooner? It is a strength endurance class that will push you past your limits. Strength is the ability to lift heavy weights, whereas strength endurance is the ability to lift for a high number of reps at a given weight. The Nooner varies with AMRAP or...
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Mobility with Deanna Wells Looking to increase your flexibility and mobility? Learn different mobility techniques from foam rolling, to dynamic stretching, and band assisted stretching.  Learn how to move more efficiently through greater range of motion improving balance,...
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SWASS Class with Jill Hanson 30 minutes of non stop PUSH. Conditioning focused class utilizing a variety of training tools including kettle bells, Trx, battling ropes, tires, prowlers, sleds, Body weight, indoors and outdoors and best of all the 'dreaded white board'. Forget turning...
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