To Register for Once per week (Saturday ONLY) Choose Saturday Option $149+tax


To Register for TWICE per Week (Tuesday AND Saturday) Choose Tuesday Option $249+tax . This registers you for the Tuesday AND Saturday Time.


Tuesday ONLY is NOT an Option.
Whether you are chasing a career in law enforcement or just curious to conquer a new challenge, this class is for you.Benefits of Taking the class


Increased confidence
Constructive Feedback
Insight to test difficulty levels
An edge up on the competition
Improving overall fitness level
Weightloss/getting in better shape
Training with a specific end goal


April 17 to May 26


6 weeks


Tuesdays 7-8pm


Strength based training specific to mandatory obstacles of the POPAT


Saturdays 1000-1100am


Endurance/Conditioning and Mock trial runs of the actual course. NOTE: we do not have all the obstacles but have ensured methods to simulate the course.


Option 1- 'Conquer the course'
Saturday classes only


Option 2- 'Full Meal Deal'
Includes both Tuesday and Saturday classes.
6 week program condusive to training specifically for the POPAT that can be used at any gym of your choice.
$249.00 (only $100.00 more for 6 extra classes and a program)


Classes and programming are taught by experienced POPAT trainer Cristin Korchinski.


Max 10 per class/per session.




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