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Summer Blitz

Summer Blitz   *looking to learn a few new exercises to add to your current gym regimen? *need a lttle extra push to get back on track after too much holiday slack? *want to see for yourself what Fidelity's one of a kind ladies strength class is all about?  ...
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Wednesday Weights

(I promise no cardio) 30 minute circuit designated to solely lifting iron.  A variety of supersets, drop sets, giant sets, etc to target multiple muscle groups in an efficient and effective manner.  


Leave your doubt at the door and register to join team Beayoutifulbeasts for 10 weeks of training.   Weekly team training - Starts June 3 6:00 to 7:00 pm 10 week programming to follow and private support group to motivate and inspire our teammates near and far. $225.00 for 10 weeks...
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 Develop a strong core for more than the six-pack abs that will hopefully peak through. Use core conditioning to improve your overall athletic performance and life—the flat abs are just a bonus.  Core conditioning improves posture, which contributes to a trimmer...
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30 Minutes of kettlebells for a total strength and conditioning workout. Open to men and women of all skill levels PUNCH PASS NEVER EXPIRES. PLEASE NOTE ONCE PURCHASED THEY CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED OVER TO ANOTHER SERVICE DUE TO LACK OF USE. Purchase Punch Passes and Register HERE

Structural Balance Screening

 Functional Pattern & Structural Balance Assessment Functional Pattern & Structural Balance Assessment along with muscle testing for Upper and Lower Body length tension tests will show you how common Structural Balance and Functional Movement issues determine if...
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