Barbell 101

Barbell 101 with Derek Becker




The Barbell 101 class was designed out of necessity.  The barbell is one of the most effective tools found in every gym.  It is the key tool in the majority of every hypertrophy and strength program.  If you truly want to reach your strength potential use free weights.  We're talking nothing but a bar and some steel plates.  


This class teaches traditional powerlifting movements such as deadlft, bench press and squat variations, as well as technical power based movements such as cleans and snatches.  The emphasis is on compound movements including horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling with minimal accessory work.


Regardless if you have never touched a barbell before or you have been training with a bar for years then this class is for you.   There are many nuances to using a barbell that will make you stronger and keep you injury free.  Many people injure themselves under the bar because of incorrect technique.  We take exercises apart and put them back together strong.  Our cues, movement specific mobility and exercise progressions will have you executing your lifts in a safe and efficient manner.