Adrenaline Strong Girls

Adrenaline Strong Girls








Create future generations of women that feel strong and confident in their mind and bodies.


Each session will consist of a combination of both Part A and B. 
PART A will focus in on creating friendship and community, learn principles of gratitude, self-esteem, self-love, mindfulness, growth mindset, power of thoughts and self-talk, and tips for dealing with anxiety and stress. These 45 minute modules will be conducted by Callie Lewry in a class room setting on site with encouraged group interaction and smal FUN take home tasks to be completed each week. 


PART B explores the strength within our own bodies and the power of exercise and movement both physically and emotionally. 45 minute workout with Jill Hanson that includes mobility, strength, conditioning and above all FUN!




Ages 9-12 





Fri  4:30-5:30




$150.00 (plus GST) for 6 classes




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