Strong Girls Teen Fidelity


I don't have daughters but if I did I would want them to know:

People will pick on you for the colour of your shoes....and then they will likely be the latest trend a week later.

Grad will be the most important day of your life for about the next 5 seconds.

Your 'first time' is nothing like the movies make it out to be....the next partner won't likely be any better either so WAIT! 

When they ask you to 'go out with them' make sure their actually taking you out somewhere. 

You will be 'in love'....until Friday when you are peer pressured to party and lose your ability to communicate in a rational manner. 

You will be told how to act, how to talk, what to wear, how to look, what to FEEL by a pluther of societal ideals telling you to be the SQUARE that fits perfectly into the box...... 

Dear imaginary daughter- BE a circle.

Strong Girls Teen Fidelity 
Ages 13-17
Open to all fitness levels 

Registration opens August 1. 

Bi-Weekly Saturdays

11:15am to 12:15pm

September 21

October 5, 19

November 2, 16, 30

Limited to 6 per class. Minimum 3 required to run it. 
25.00 class. Drop ins welcome but must register online to guarantee your spot in that class. 

Let us teach your daughter that the best thing she can ever do with her body is use it to empower her own BEYOUTIFUL soul


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