First Lift


For the experienced LIFER but brand new LIFTER.  Thinking about trying out "the gym" but feel intimidated and/or think "I'm to old"?

This is the class for you.  Each 40 minute class will begin with movements intended to warm up the body and lubricate the joints, followed by a gentle progressive full body workout that may include usage of bands, light weights or just your own body weight. Classes will end with a cool down and gentle stretching.


Benefits of exercise for the older population are many including decreased potential for injury or falls due to increased core strength, increased mobility, and increased strength.


Stop lettingage or lack of experience hold you back. Everyone started somewhere. Let us be your 'somewhere'.


-Classes are Co-ed. 

-1 or 2 day options available as well as a drop ins ($20.00). 

-Maximum 6 per class

-8 week program

-1 class/wk = $120.00 (plus gst)

-2 classes/wk = $208.00 (plus gst)

Tuesdayand Thursday 6:30pm - 7:15pm