Ride the Rush...


A place where you feel most alive when your heart skips a beat


Judgement free zone.  No mirrors, gauges or expectation to adhere to anything more than just doing what makes YOU feel good.


We welcome all fitness levels with only one rule: just keep moving, whether that's to the vibe of our music or to the beat of your feet, don't stop spinning!


Classes are limited to 8 and require 1800 seconds (30 minutes) of YOUR max effort. 4 instructors to get your sweat on, all bringing their own niche to each class.





Dropins: $20.00

5 Pack: $85.00

10 Pack: $150.00

20 Pack: $260.00

(expire 1 year from date of purchace)






Unlimited month: $129.99 (no contract, not auto renewing)

Unlimited 3 months: $357.00  (no contract, not auto renewing)

Unlimited month - 3 month contract: $119.00/month  (auto renewing.  This option must be cancelled prior to 30 days of end of term) 

(Unlimited rides are activated at your first ride)



(All packages and subscriptions do not include GST)


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Jill Hanson

Someone once told me I don't look the part...  I still don't know if I look the part but I definitely play the part and I am incredibly good at it too.

Riding with me requires you to expect the unexpected.  i don't have a genre of choice and I have yet to ever ride the same play list twice.  Whe the lights come up and the bass starts to beat, your outside world shuts off and the vibe hits your feet....  then it's YOUR time to ride the rush.  

Adrenaline Rush

Kayla Lindgren

I've been a spin instructor for almost 4 years and I love every single second of it!  You can expect minimal to no choreography inmy class, as well as a dynamic workout involving sprints, interval training, climbing to build strength, and some terrain to build endurance. You'll leave stronger than when you arrived, and full of sweat!

Adrenaline Rush

Mike Ganshorn

Spinning has been my passion for 3 years, and I enjoy the challenge of beat-driven choreography. My goal is to ALWAYS provideYOU with an inclusive experience in which you can immerse yourself in music and motion.  Did you know that not every track is fast, or standing, or even has choreographed combos?  Since we're all at our own fitness levels, I strive to balance my playlist to provide optimal 30 minute cardio workout ranging from slower grinds to faster sprints - similar to our other skilled instructors.  The choreo is always optional, and there are suitable modifications I'd be happy to share to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Adrenaline Rush

Stacie Loch

Stacie combines her love for movement, sweat and powerful music into a high energy class.  Her goal is to leave you feeling sweaty and strong. She will take you through deep hill climbs, wicked sprints and intense intervals to increase your stamina all while moving to music.  Expect a pool of sweat under your bike and a smile on your face when you are done. Get ready to let go and enjoy the ride!

Adrenaline Rush

Kristen Forsberg

What to expect when you ride with Kristen
Kristen brings the sweat to her ride. She can be sure to pump you up the moment you walk through the
doors with her ability to bring out your FIRE. Her music is always upbeat and trendy with the ability to
get your feet spinning to the beat. Her face shows all emotion and grit and she isn’t scared to get you up
with her!

Adrenaline Rush

Charlee Patton

Whether you're riding out a bad week, or you just came to party - It's 30 beat-driven-music-minutes for you to forget about everything outside that door, and push yourself farther than you ever thought possible.  It's all about YOU. We ride. We grind. All I ask is that you push a little harder and go just a little longer each and every ride.  Building strength and confidence that I hope will overflow into all areas of your life.  I am constantly chasing those happy vibrations and I want everyone else to have a safe place where they can experience it too, judgement free.   So come, clip in and challenge the connection between your mind and your body.  Let's build the foundation to all areas of success in life, by starting with our health.  See ya' in the saddle.

Adrenaline Rush

Ashley Mouly

I'm incredibly excited to be a part of the Rush team. What to expect at my rides: a challenging and fun class with tracks you love, old and new. Lots of choreo, heavy tension, hovers and speed tracks.  When you come to my class you can expect to be pushed, motivated, and will leave feeling energized and ready to crush any goals you set out. You can always find me early mornings at Adrenaline getting my sweat on lifting weights or spinning it out in the Rush studio.

Adrenaline Rush