Ride the Rush...


A place where you feel most alive when your heart skips a beat


Judgement free zone.  No mirrors, gauges or expectation to adhere to anything more than just doing what makes YOU feel good.


We welcome all fitness levels with only one rule: just keep moving, whether that's to the vibe of our music or to the beat of your feet, don't stop spinning!


Classes are limited to 8 and require 1800 seconds (30 minutes) of YOUR max effort. 4 instructors to get your sweat on, all bringing their own niche to each class.





Dropins: $20.00

5 Pack: $85.00

10 Pack: $150.00

20 Pack: $260.00

(expire 1 year from date of purchace)




2X week: $200.00/ 8 weeks

3X week: $300.00/ 8 weeks

4X week: $400.00/ 8 weeks

5X week: $500.00/ 8 weeks

(automatically renew every 8 weeks.  The 8 week subscription is activated at your first ride)


(All packages and subscriptions do not include GST)



Purchace packages and subscriptions HERE




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