Ride the Rush...


A place where you feel most alive when your heart skips a beat


Judgement free zone.  No mirrors, gauges or expectation to adhere to anything more than just doing what makes YOU feel good.


We welcome all fitness levels with only one rule: just keep moving, whether that's to the vibe of our music or to the beat of your feet, don't stop spinning!


Classes are limited to 8 and require 1800 seconds (30 minutes) of YOUR max effort. 4 instructors to get your sweat on, all bringing their own niche to each class.

Please note: shoes are not provided.



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Jill Hanson

Someone once told me I don't look the part...  I still don't know if I look the part but I definitely play the part and I am incredibly good at it too.

Riding with me requires you to expect the unexpected.  i don't have a genre of choice and I have yet to ever ride the same play list twice.  Whe the lights come up and the bass starts to beat, your outside world shuts off and the vibe hits your feet....  then it's YOUR time to ride the rush.  

Adrenaline Rush


Mike Ganshorn

Spinning has been my passion for 3 years, and I enjoy the challenge of beat-driven choreography. My goal is to ALWAYS provideYOU with an inclusive experience in which you can immerse yourself in music and motion.  Did you know that not every track is fast, or standing, or even has choreographed combos?  Since we're all at our own fitness levels, I strive to balance my playlist to provide optimal 30 minute cardio workout ranging from slower grinds to faster sprints - similar to our other skilled instructors.  The choreo is always optional, and there are suitable modifications I'd be happy to share to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Adrenaline Rush



Alyssa Leippi

Hi! I’m Alyssa. I’m an Ontario transplant that has gladly called Saskatchewan home for over a decade. I am a self employed crazy dog Mom who loves to cook but hates following recipes and has a mouth like a trucker.

I am a certified spin instructor and have been teaching for going on 2 years now. My goal is to show riders that there is more to spin than what they see in a lot of videos. Anyone can ride with me, no matter if you have ridden for years or it is your first time on a bike. Everyone can spin, and everyone is welcome here.

My rides are meant to show you that you are stronger than you think you are. A combination of strength building and intervals that will push you to your limits whatever those are for you. I don’t care if you are the fastest, have your resistance up the highest or can pump and dip like no other. My rides are a place for you to push against yourself, no one else.


Adrenaline Rush

Jenna Shaw
Hi I am Jenna – I was born and raised in Regina, Sk and as a kid and teenager was always involved in some kind of sport or physical activity! I have lived in AB and all the way up in Northern Saskatchewan on 2 different Cree Nation reserves. I participated in an after school program for the kids up north where we trained for a 5km run everyday!
I am a proud mom to 2 beautiful kids Kane & Sloane. As a family we are always running to hockey or jiu jitsu! Our son has been in Jiu jitsu for 4 years and has competed at several competitions earning double gold medals and a grey belt!
Fitness has always been a part of my life, whether it be running, bodybuilding or just being active in some way. I became an fidelity fitness client 6 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I have tried every group fitness class adrenaline offers and when Rush was started It became a part of my routine not only for fitness but also my mental health. Spin has changed my life and I want everyone who comes to my class to feel that spin can in-fact change your life.
Adrenaline Rush