Adrenaline 84 Day Accountability Challenge



Adrenaline 84 day Accountability Challenge

Adrenaline 84 day SPRING into SUMMER 
Accountability Challenge

April 8 to June 30, 2018

Register before April 1, 2018 for early bird pricing
94.50 plus tax
*after this date fees go up to 119.50 plus tax

What this includes:
A. Access to the private facebook group. NEW- 3 phased program for those looking to capitalize on their 84 days. Every 4 weeks a new program consisting of 3 lifting programs with optional metcons(conditioning) and 1 full body metabolic conditioning day will be released via facebook group. Programs require a set of DB's only and can be done at home or in gym.
B. Check In: Should you choose to want an initial check in it can be arranged with your designated trainer prior to start date. This will include initial photos and measurements/weigh ins. We train for a look NOT a number therefore the emphasis of this challenge will not solely be based on physical transformation.
Final check in will be completed last week of challenge.
C. Challenge Group Training: 6 Saturday mornings throughout the challenge. Although not mandatory it is encouraged that you attend. We would love to have you there.

April 21 8:00am

May 12 8:00am

May 26 8:00am

June 2  8:00am

June 16  8:00am

June 23  8:00am

D. All participants recieve a discounted rate on BestBody meals and meal prep. 


Option A: Monthly membership with Unlimited classes: $199 month
OptionB: Monthly membership with 5 classes/month: $150 month (works out to be $2 per class cheaper than a package of 15 punches)
Option C: Membership with one time starter program. Can choose from training for strength OR training for aesthetics. Programs are built by trainers Jill Hanson and Derek Becker. Note: these are not individualized programs. They are a general 3 day lifting split for those looking to get started in the gym. $119.05

This rounds OVERALL WINNER will be receive 

-automatic enrollment for next 2018 Accountability Challenge
-3x30 minute personal training session with trainer of your choice. Sessions must be used in following month.
-$50.00 gift certificate towards Adrenaline Pro Shop.

Overall Transformation based on the following criteria
-Commitment to challenge 
-participation within challenge including group class, Facebook page and accountability to their goals
-Overall transformation with emphasis on BOTH physical transformation and overall lifestyle changes
-MUST COMPLETE INITIAL CHECK IN which includes pictures/weight/measurements.

In addition to the OVERALL WINNER you will be selecting Ms. Or Mr. Accountability
The group participants themselves through a private poll will vote this on.

-automatic enrollment for next 2018 Accountability Challenge
*Adrenaline/Fidelity SWAG- 1 item of your choosing
*1 one on one personal training session with trainer of their choice( needs to be used within the next month)





*no refunds will be provided unless unable to participate due to a medical circumstance that is confirmed by a physician.

Accountability Challenge
Accountability Challenge