Adrenaline 84 Day Accountability Challenge


Statistics state that approximately 8% of resolutioners only achieve their goal by year end. That leaves 92% of you failing to finish what you started. Why does this happen?

1. Too much too fast
Many equate Jan 1 as a new year to make a new you. Many jump head first with
eyes closed making drastic and unsustainable changes to their routine. This may
last an initial few weeks but too much change all at once can take its toll on your system both physically and mentally. Set small intermittent goals and allow yourself a realistic time line to achieve them. Habits do not develop overnight therefore if the expectation is to go from doing nothing to doing everything all at once the outcome will be less than desirable as you have not allowed your system to adapt and evolve to such changes that may be foreign to it.

2. Take 2 steps forward, 2 steps backwards……

Setbacks are inevitable. No one is 100% of the time. The difference between those that succeed and those that do not, is how and IF you dust yourself off when you stumble. This begins with setting realistic expectations. By telling yourself you are ‘never going to cheat’ on your diet, skip a day in the gym, have that extra nibble, have not so good days, is only setting yourself up for disappointment. 9 x out of 10 one of these will happen along the way. Often we become so consumed with being ‘perfect’ that when we aren’t we become defeated with guilt. This guilt equates to a sense of disappointment and therefore an internal challenge as to whether we feel we deserve or are worthy of this journey. Remember you cannot change what happened 5 minutes ago…..but you can change what happens 5 minutes from now.

3. Accountability.
At the end of the day you should never rely on anyone other than yourself to ensure you are following through with your goals. However having the support of those who share in similar goals provides you with a daily reminder that ‘yes, you can do this!’





STARTS SEPT 21 to DEC 14 2019

COST: EARLY BIRD ENDS midnight AUGUST 31: 99.00 plus tax. AFTER SEPTEMEBR 1: 119.00 plus tax.


This group will include:
✔️access to private Facebook support group


✔️12 DIY workouts broken into:

PUSH (chest, triceps, shoulders) 3 workouts
PULL (back, biceps) 3 workouts
LEGS 3 workouts
CORE 1 workout
GLUTES specific 1 workout
SHOULDER specific 1 workout


✔️Saturday Group Training
Sept 21 (post workout yoga with @itssostacie)
Oct 5 (post workout rucking)
Oct 19(strong woman guest)
Nov 2 (bring a friend, spouse, or family member)
Nov 30
Dec 14 *final group workout like to have a potluck for all those wanting to participate.

✔️Keto seminar with guest @ketobyalyssa. Date TBD



*includes access to the private support group; 12 DIY WORKOUTS

COST: 75.00 *please contact Jill directly regarding this option.



-Commitment to challenge and each other
-participation within challenge including group class, Facebook page and accountability to their goals
-Overall transformation with emphasis on overall lifestyle changes

*3 one on one personal training session with trainer of their choice( needs to be used within the next month) and free access to the next 84 days.


*no refunds will be provided unless unable to participate due to a medical circumstance that is confirmed by a physician.








Accountability Challenge
Accountability Challenge