Adrenaline 84 Day Accountability Challenge


Happy New Year....isn't that what people say to signify the start of an 'incredible life transforming fat to fit complete give up everything and change everything all at once' journey. Was this you?...which statistics state will be 9 out of every 10 of you, what happened? my prediction is that you tried to go from 0-100 overnight and came to a crashing halt when you realized the actions to achieve the desirable (but likely unrelasitci) outcome were a lot harder than you initially so excitedly dove eyes wide shut into.

Here is the good news...You don't need a New Year to start working on a New You. In fact you don't need a new month or even a new day---you can start right now if you so desire to. Here is also some good news- there is just under half a year left in this- still an immense amount of time to finish what you started or even better yet, just START.


Adrenaline 84 day Accountability Challenge




September 4 to November 24, 2017


Register before September 3 for early bird pricing $94.50 plus tax

*after this date fees go up to 119.50 plus tax




You do not need to be affiliated with Adrenaline prior to this challenge. Open to EVERYONE- MALE AND FEMALE.


What this includes:


A. Check In: Should you choose to want an initial check in it can be arranged with your designated trainer prior to start date. This will include initial photos and measurements/weigh ins. We train for a look NOT a number therefore the emphasis of this challenge will not solely be based on physical transformation.


Final check in will be completed last week of challenge.


B. Challenge Group Training: 3 Wednesday evenings and 3 Saturday mornings throughout the challenge. Although not mandatory it is encouraged that you attend. We would love to have you there.


September 6 645pm

September 23 8am

October 4 645pm

October 21 8 am

November 1 645pm

November 18 8am


C. All registrants will gain access to the private facebook group where we can work as one giant team motivating, inspiring and sharing our journey together


OPTIONAL ADD ONS:  (All add ons must be purhcaced in house at Adrenaline)


Option A: Monthly membership with Unlimited classes: $199 month


OptionB: Monthly membership with 5 classes/month: $150 month (works out to be $2 per class cheaper than a package of 15 punches)


Option C: Membership with one time starter program. Can choose from training for strength OR training for aesthetics. Programs are built by trainers Jill Hanson and Derek Becker. Note: these are not individualized programs. They are a general 3 day lifting split for those looking to get started in the gym. $125.00




This rounds OVERALL WINNER will be receive


- 1 year membership to Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning including access to all Fidelity drop in classes .

 *this does not include any class designated as exclusive.


-automatic enrollment for all 2018 Accountability Challenges


-1 30 minute personal training session per month with trainer Jill Hanson for each month of 2018

 *only 1 per month is permitted. Failure to use your monthly session voids that session.


-$100.00 gift certificate towards Adrenaline Pro Shop.


-$200.00 gift certificate towards photo shoot of your choice including invidudal OR family photos with Laura Becker Photography.



 Overall Transformation based on the following criteria:


-Commitment to challenge

-participation within challenge including group class, Facebook page and accountability to their goals

-Overall transformation with emphasis on BOTH physical transformation and overall lifestyle changes

-MUST COMPLETE INITIAL CHECK IN which includes pictures/weight/measurements.



IN addition to the OVERALL WINNER you will be selecting Ms. Or Mr. Accountability


The group participants themselves through a private poll will vote this on.


*Adrenaline/Fidelity SWAG- 1 item of your choosing

*1 one on one personal training session with trainer of their choice