Lyndsay Kovatch

Personal Trainer

Hello there 👋 my name is Lindsay Kovatch... and I am super excited to be joining the adrenaline family!


A little info about me my life and background...


I have been an athlete and gym rat for Most of my life... I have played soccer hockey (more shinnie than hockey) water polo tennis gymnastics cheerleading football baseball boxing and a few others... sports have always been a HUGE part of my life and the few that I excelled at required dry land and weight training. I was exposed to fitness at an early age and it seems to be something I always come back to.


The gym has helped me rehab physical injuries and also mental ones. After having two babies and suffering post I found myself lost my body no longer could play the high level of sports I was use to I felt I had lost my team ....but the gym was right there where I had left it... sometimes it’s not about goals or PRs for me it can just be about being inside that building with weights or turf or an exercise ball... I can talk to everyone or no one at all and focus on my music my reps my time... it can be the local gym I know everyone in or the hotel gym I know no one in...a group class or something I have never tried before. Fitness is my life. It brings me such joy to share it with people... motivate people ... meet new people! It is unreal what we are capable of when we believe ourselves and I love helping people find that!


I continue to grow as a trainer exposing myself to more and more at any opportunity... being apart of the adrenaline family is most exciting there are so many diverse trainers with all sort of different skill sets I look forward to learning growing and sharing my spark for fitness and training...