Kelsey Hanson

Personal Trainer

My name is Kelsey Hanson. I graduated from the University of Regina in 2014 with a degree in Business and major in Accounting. Soon after graduating, I started my career as an accountant, but quickly came to realize that an office job and accounting were not where I was meant to be. In February 2016, I became a Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer. I am also currently working towards becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I am hoping to complete this by February 2017.


In August 2014, I decided to open up to others about my eating disorder I had battled for years. (after keeping it a secret from my family, friends). I wrote my story with hopes of letting others know that they aren’t alone, and that getting the appropriate help is key to living a healthy, happy life. What I know is that by opening up, and having others let me know how much it meant to share my experience because they were also struggling, I knew right then that I needed to help others see their best selves. By opening up about my journey, it allowed me to realize the passion I have to help others and to help them discover the potential they have.


Life is not going to be 100% perfect all of the time. At times you will fail, but if you continue to put yourself first and continue to make your health a priority, you can meet you goals. I want to help others uncover their strength, whether they’ve lost it and need to rediscover it, or if they’ve never been able to find it. I am here to help you realize the potential you have. I strongly believe that putting your health and your life first is not just a priority, it is a necessity.

The gym is not just a place where I lift weights, it is a place where I push myself, where I strive to do better, and a place that has become therapy in itself for me. I understand the commitment, dedication and drive it takes to make a lifestyle change, and am eager to help others make the necessary changes in their lives.