Kayla Tait

Personal Trainer

I started training 6 years ago. Like many I was overwhelmed with the amount of contradictory information there is in the fitness industry. I tried and failed with crash diets and even was mislead by other coaches that I trusted had my best interests at heart. I decided to take matters into my own hands and do the research and education to better my own training. Soon after I became a certified personal trainer! I then joined the Body You Envision team with Matt Bye. After witnessing my own personal transformation, both physically and mentally, I knew I found the team for me. After two very hard years of work and an overall win at SABBA, I now grace national competition stages with confidence and a feeling that I belong there.
Im so happy to have our team join the Adrenaline family. I've learned in the short time I've been here that its an incredibly motivating and encouraging place to be. I feel like I've joined not simply a new gym but a strong, supportive family. Its the perfect environment for my new and existing clients! I love working with anybody and everybody wanting to better themselves. Whether that be gaining strength, eating cleaner or becoming a fitness competitor. Each and every one of my clients motivate me and inspire me, and my goal is to always do the same in return. I love getting to watch self doubt and insecurities melt away, so that their true confidence, pride and self love can be revealed. When you love your body you want to learn how to train it and fuel it. Training it to be strong, mobile and agile. Fueling it with clean foods in the right amounts. Hard work, dedication and a little help will get you there!








2016 - CAASA Strongwoman Nationals - lightweight 3rd place


2015 - CBBF Nationals - Bikini 7th place


2015 -SABBA Provincials - Bikini First Place and Overall


2014 - SABBA Halloween Showdown -Bikini 2nd Place


2013 - SABBA Provincials - Bikini 6th Place


2010- SABBA Provincials - Figure 4th Place