KaSandra Kopytko

Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Hi y’all, I’m KaSandra, I am a hu-mom dog-mom, operating room nurse and 59kg Masters weightlifter.
I found Olympic Weightlifting through CrossFit and became competitive in 2010.
I have competed across Canada and I currently hold the Saskatchewan provincial masters record for 63kg female in the snatch, clean and jerk and total.
 I have had the privilege of being been mentored and coached by some of Canada’s greatest coaches and lifters and their passion for weightlifting was what propelled me into competing and eventually coaching. Sharing the sport with others through coaching gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction.
My priority as a coach is to help you to learn the fundamental movement patterns in a safe and low risk environment. Many people avoid strenuous activity due to injury or fear of re-injury and it is my goal to help you to work past that and become a safe and strong mover. I have recovered from a devastating back injury including back surgery in January 2016 so I understand first hand the challenges that an injury can present. Injury prevention is my # 1 goal. I incorporate a great deal of rehabilitative exercises, gymnastics skills and functional movements into my training, from hand balancing and body weight movements,  locomotion to snatching and heavy deadlifts, you will never be bored!

Olympic weightlifting skills can translate through many sports and many athletes use Oly as an adjunct to their current training to increase speed, explosiveness and precision. The potential for athletic development with weightlifting is limitless and whether you want to take away some basic skills or become competitive in the sport, I can help you with that and everything in between.

My goals this 2018-2019 season include provincial competitions through out the winter and Masters Nationals in April 2019 with a dream to qualify for Pan Ams and Worlds.
Thanks for reading, see you on the platform!