Joey Forever

Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Joey Matthew Forever. I was raised in small town Winkler, Manitoba. I moved to Edmonton in 2013 and made the venture to Saskatchewan in the fall of 2018, and this is where I plan to stay.


My hobbies are hiking, mountain biking, lifting, camping (anything outdoors), and spending time with my fiancé and kids.


I lived as an “Obese” child until I was roughly 20 years old and decided to change my lifestyle and my life. Was an incredibly hard journey but I am glad I went through this as I now can relate to others going through this and help out where I can. This has helped be my biggest advantage, is that I can relate and create a non judgment “zone” for people who are new to fitness, strength training, etc. Getting started into fitness can be incredibly intimidating and I love making others feel comfortable so they can progress and enjoy becoming healthier, stronger, and better.


I competed in bodybuilding until 2015 where I did my last show in Edmonton. I moved onto Powerlifting immediately after and I fell in love with strength training. I took a small break for a year to follow jiujitsu (martial arts). I have recently came back to powerlifting realizing this is where I love and need to be.


I absolutely find reward in life when I am helping others. I have been involved with helping young adults and kids with their self esteem issues through strength training as well as just setting an example for them to grow up confident, strong, and to realize that they are enough in this world. These kids and young adults know as well that they can message or talk to me anytime if they need help.


I recently left my desk job to follow my passion of helping others in fitness. It’s a big jump but I know this is what I am meant to do and I am eager to watch others grow along side me.


I have roughly 16 years experience in the fitness “Industry”. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, and some strongman training. I did a few bodybuilding shows in Winnipeg, and Edmonton and “retired” from the sport in 2015. I have done a few powerlifting meets in the 100% Raw, GPC, and CPL divisions.


I am currently studying to be Westside Barbell Coach Certified. Westside is known as the strongest gym and club in the world for powerlifting. I like their approach to strengthening athletes and pinpointing their weaknesses to gain strength in the main compound movements. I also am becoming more involved with body tempering, injury prevention and rehab and want to pass this info along as well here at Adrenaline in the future to help make athletes injury free and to recover quickly.


“Coach me and I will learn
Challenge me and I will Grow
Believe in me and I will win”