Darcy Clarke

Certified Nutritionist/Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

Certified Nutritionist/Nutrition Coach
Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
Full Body Detoxification Specialist
Certified BioSignature Practitioner
Certified Trigger Point Therapy Practitioner
Certified Trigger Point Therapy Specialist
Specializing in Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner


Darcy took his first personal trainer course at 20, followed by a nutrition certification. He went on to receive multiple certifications and training in Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Sports Performance, Nutrition, Supplementation, Natural and Alternative Medicine, and a host of others that would more than fill this page line by line. All of this has lead him into the fields of Disease and Illness Treatment and Prevention, Athletic Performance, Nutrition, Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Nutritional Biochemistry, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, Physical Rehabilitation, and more.


Darcy competed in three bodybuilding competitions at the Novice and Provincial level. These experiences helped him learn a lot about himself, and also about the limitations of the mind. The more he learned from world experts such as Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek, Dr. John Berardi, Dr. James LaValle, Dr. Rob Rakowski, and having the pleasure of working alongside and being educated for 3 years by a Doctor in Acupuncture and Natural Medicine with over 30 years of experience, he learned that the psychological, emotional, and energetic aspects of our health were just as, or even more important than the physical. After more than 14 years of experience standing on the shoulders of the giants in his field, working with all types of clients, he learned that the mind was also the most limiting factor in becoming the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves.


He had to overcome many obstacles and learning experiences in the process to recovery of his own life-long medical conditions. Through years of education and experience, he has made almost every mistake and learned the accompanying lessons needed to help people like you or someone you know with almost any issue, that is preventing you from becoming the greatest version of yourself.


His has an Integrative and Unique approach to Nutritional Programming & Biochemistry, Herbal Medicine, Health & Fitness, Detoxification, and MindBody Medicine.